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2018 Resolution or Intention?

When it comes to a new year, do you set intentions or resolutions or do something else altogether?

2018 is here! New Year goals are made and it’s beginning to look like 2018 is going to be your year!

Setting resolutions for the new year can be something you take seriously. Perhaps, a lot of preparation went into how you see yourself this year. But after a few weeks of full commitment, habits begin to resurface and the eagerness starts to dissolve. Or you take the “I’m not setting a resolution approach,” because either you don’t want to set yourself up for failure or just not into it.

Establishing intentions for a new year can be an achievable option that creates accountability and success.

Check out the definition of the two:

Resolution (Noun) – a formal expression of opinion or intention made

Intention (Noun) – an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

Both sound about right, but a resolution contains an intention. Hmm..

Here are a few intentions that we can incorporate into 2018:

Intention to Save More & Spend Less -Bundle insurance and save.

  1. Ask your agent about bundling car, home and life to save in 2018.

  2. Before renewing your policy, shop around!

  3. Save the receipt- whether you track your spending or not (Just seeing all the receipts from fast food restaurants gives you that nudge when cleaning out the car).

Intention to Use Technology Less & Engage More -Set aside the phone

  1. Commit a time each day to be phone free. During lunch with your co-workers, after 7pm, Sunday mornings etc.

  2. When meeting a new customer, co-worker, acquaintance or friend, ask one engaging question. (Where did you go to school? Have any hobbies?)

Intent to Absorb More & Ignore Less

  1. Listen/ watch a TedTalk once a month.

  2. Download a “Word of the Day” app to build your vocabulary.

  3. Change out “Thank you” for “I appreciate you.” -watch how people respond!

New intentions don’t have to be intimidating, they are rather small actions that can lead to an large outcomes. Give us a call today! We’ll have an agent review your policy to confirm that you are saving the most possible. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. Engaging with an agent in 2018 will ensure your covered to the fullest capacity.

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