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5 Driving Safety Tips for Spring

Winter has come and gone (we think…did we even have a winter??) and Spring is in the air! The arrival of this new season brings changes in weather conditions that call for adjustments to your driving habits. Although we should expect warmer temperatures and sunny skies, there are still some hazards that you need to be aware of during this time. Here are 5 Driving Safety Tips for Spring!

Rainy Weather – The month of April is famous for delivering scattered rain showers. Due to this change in weather, you’ll need to accommodate your driving style accordingly and make sure that you’re car is ready to handle the conditions. Get your windshield wipers, tires and brakes checked out to ensure that they’re functioning properly. If you catch yourself driving during a rainstorm, reduce your speed and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

Tornado Watch – Springtime is also prone to some more dangerous weather, such as hail and tornados. If you’re out driving during a tornado watch, it’s important that you do not stay in your car under any circumstance. Pull over and find a building, bridge or shelter where you can stay until the storm dies down. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, find a ditch and lie down with your head covered so that you can protect yourself from any flying debris.

Bikers & Pedestrians – With nicer weather approaching, you’ll start to see more bike riders, joggers, and walkers outside. Make sure that you’re always aware of your surroundings and paying attention for crosswalks and bike paths. Sometimes bikers will veer off from their designated paths and end up in the street, so practice patience and avoid trying to go around them if you find yourself in this situation.

Foggy Mornings – Predominant rain showers can also lead to a higher chance of fog in the mornings. If you wake up to a foggy morning, make sure that you stick with your low beams and avoid using high beams. This will cause a disturbance in visibility by bouncing off of the fog and creating glare.

Beware of Mud – With heavy storm activity looming, you can also expect a lot of mud on the roads, which usually create slippery surfaces. Driving on muddy roads requires precise steering and braking to help avoid sliding or losing control. Make sure you also have the necessary tools in your car in case you get stuck in the mud. This can include rope, chains, and traction pads.

With Spring officially here, make sure that all of your insurance needs are up-to-date. Give us a call to have an agent review your policy to confirm that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insured through us!

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