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5 Gas Pump Safety Tips

Everyone has a routine when it comes to pumping gas. Although it only takes a few minutes, there are a lot of dos and don’ts you need to keep in mind while you’re filling up your car. You’re dealing with a very flammable substance and it’s important to treat the process with caution. Here are 5 safety tips to follow at the gas pump!

Don’t Top Off Your Tank – Avoid pumping extra gas in your tank when it’s finished filling. You can cause a leak and there’s a good possibility that you’ll damage your engine due to pressure build up in the tank. Also, topping off your tank can waste your money because there’s no way your tank can hold more than the required gas amount. The pumps have sensors that detect your fuel levels and they pull the extra gas you’re trying to fill back into the station’s tanks.

Stay Off Your Cell Phone – Cell phone usage is one of the main activities people take part in while filling up their car. However, this is a bad idea because it is a both a distraction and a safety hazard. You need to be aware at all times while at a gas pump because you never know when a car may crash into you or your station. Also, using your cell phone can generate static electricity, which can spark a flame if you’re not careful.

Don’t Leave the Pump – It’s wise to stay and monitor the gas pump while you’re filling up. Sometimes, if you go inside to purchase something or to use the bathroom, you can forget that the gas pump is still in your tank. The last thing you want to do is drive off and rip the nozzle from the station!

Turn off Your Car – This is a huge safety hazard that is an easily avoidable no brainer. If you keep the car running while filling it up, a stray spark in your vehicle’s engine could ignite any fumes. There are other parts of your car that could potentially generate sparks, so it’s best to avoid the risk altogether by turning your car off. Not to mention someone could easily hop in and drive off while you’re messing with the pump!

Don’t Get in Your Car – Make sure that you stay outside and avoid getting back in your vehicle after you start refilling. You can build up a static electric charge by sliding in and out of your seat. If you touch the metal pump with your static finger, there’s a chance it can ignite the gasoline vapor. If you absolutely have to get in your car during the process, simply discharge the shock on something other than your vehicle.

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