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5 Power-Outage Tips

Winter storms evolve in stages, each one bringing their own unexpected tendencies that you need to be prepared for. Sometimes this harsh weather can disrupt a nearby power grid, causing your electricity to suddenly go dark. In moments like these, there are various tips you can follow in order to properly handle the situation safely. Check out these 5 Power-Outage Tips!

Get a Generator – The best way to prevent having to deal with the consequences of a power outage is to invest in a portable generator. However, you should never use a portable generator indoors. The generator produces carbon monoxide while it’s operating, which can be deadly if trapped in your home. Set up a designated covered area for your generator beforehand so that you’re prepared to keep it dry and outdoors when you need to use it.

Bundle Up – With a heater unavailable, you’re going to have to bundle up to stay warm. Don’t use your oven and avoid burning charcoal or any other flammable material. If the power is off for a long period of time and the temperature is getting unbearable, try relocating if you can.

Let There Be Light – When it comes to alternative sources of light during a power outage, try to avoid using candles or any other open flames. You don’t want to accidentally knock over a candle in a barely-lit room and start a fire. Instead, use flashlights or any other battery operated light producer.

Food & Appliances – An opened fridge can stay cold for about 4 hours, so keep your doors closed for the duration of the power outage. Make sure that you also turn off or unplug any electrical appliances that were in use before the power went out. If it comes back on, there’s a chance it could surge and damage the equipment.

Keep Battery Powered Essentials – It would be wise to invest in a battery powered phone charger just in case you need to dial out for emergencies. You should also have a portable radio on hand as well to keep up with the weather reports in case you need to take extra precaution for thunderstorms or tornados.

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