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5 Presidents & Vice Presidents Who Worked in Insurance

Presidents’ Day allows us to honor and appreciate those who have led our great nation throughout the years. Despite our political affiliation or beliefs, we can all come together to celebrate the storied history of the US Presidency and recognize the achievements of its greatest leaders. Most Presidents spend their entire careers in politics and government, but did you know that some worked in insurance as well? Check out these 5 Presidents and Vice Presidents who worked in insurance!

Warren G. Harding – Before becoming the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding worked briefly as an insurance salesman upon graduating college. His tenure as President helped get the country back on the right track after officially ending WWI, but it was also unfortunately smeared by the Teapot Dome scandal.

Calvin Coolidge – After Warren G. Harding died in office, Vice President Coolidge succeeded to the Presidency of the United States. His term helped restore public faith in the White House and he was a known champion of the middle class. After a very successful Presidency, he accepted a position as the Director of New York Life Insurance.

Grover Cleveland – Grover Cleveland served two terms as the 22nd and 24th President of the United States. After leaving the White House, he became heavily involved in the insurance industry by becoming the Chairman of the Association of Life Insurance. To this day, he is known as one of life insurance’s biggest advocates by helping preserve and grow the business.

John C. Breckinridge – Breckinridge served as Vice President under President James Buchanan from 1857-1861. He is known for being the only member of the US Senate to join the Confederate Army once the Civil War broke out after his term. After the war, he would become manager of the Kentucky branch of Virginians Piedmont Life Insurance Company.

Spiro Agnew – Spiro Agnew served as Vice President under President Richard Nixon and was unfortunately plagued with scandals that called for his resignation. Nevertheless, he worked as an insurance salesman during his law school years before eventually entering the world of politics.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, make sure that all of your insurance needs are up-to-date. Give us a call to have an agent review your policy to confirm that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insured through us!

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