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5 Tips to Save Money in College

At this point in the fall semester, it’s pretty safe to say that the realities of college and living on your own are settling in. Whether you’re still be adjusting to these changes or you feel like you already have them down, there’s one particular aspect of living on your own that some of you may be struggling with – no more dependence on your parents for money. Yes, it’s a scary truth, but some of you are being forced to pay for your food, activities, living situation and other expenses. This can be a hard change to get acclimated to, which is why we’re here to help! Here are five ways you can save money in college!

Make a Budget – A lot of college students overspend or spend money on things that they don’t need. If you sit down and create a weekly budget that outlines the amount of money you spend on food, clothes, and other expenditures, you can discipline yourself on how much you spend, which will ultimately keep yourself in check.

Get a Job – These are three words that no college student wants to hear, but it can honestly help you out without ruining your college experience. There is a lot of downtime during the semester that you could be putting to good use, so why not earn some extra spending money instead of just sitting around? If you get a job with flexible hours, it can prepare you for life after college and help you out financially.

Stay In More – We all know that college students love to go out and have a good time, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it every single night. If you handle these in moderation, then you can wind up saving a lot of money. There’s nothing wrong with staying in and having a movie night, which is still a good time with friends while remaining a very cheap alternative. Which brings us to our next point…

Don’t Pay For Cable – With all of the streaming services available at pretty affordable prices, there really isn’t a reason to pay for cable. Ditching out on cable could save you more than $100 a month, and you really wouldn’t be missing out on anything you can’t watch from your computer. Plus, watching TV should be way down on the list of your priorities while you’re in school!

Cut Transportation Costs – Gas is one of the peskiest expenses that can chip away at your savings over time. If you switch to other modes of transportation such as the bus, walking, or riding your bike, you could easily save money while at the same time getting in some extra much-needed exercise. Not taking your car to school can also save you money by not paying for a parking pass, which is a requirement at most universities.

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From all of us at Al Boenker Insurance, we hope that these tips find you well and keep you safe during the upcoming months!

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