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5 Ways to Avoid Road Rage

There are a lot of angry stressed out drivers on the road who tend to react poorly to certain situations. This often leads to road rage, which can be a very dangerous threat to highway safety. Even though you can’t control how others react to certain driving behaviors, you can always control your actions. Deal with these aggressive drivers and ensure your safety with these 5 ways to avoid road rage!

Tailgating Methods – Tailgating is a major cause of inciting road rage from other drivers. If you see someone tailgating you and honking their horn, that probably means that they’re late or in a hurry. Simply pull over to the side and let them pass. If you find yourself tailgating someone, try to either switch lanes or ease down on your speed. Blinking your headlights can also be a polite way to notify the driver that they’re driving too slowly.

Apologize – If you’re at fault in a certain situation, simply wave your hand and acknowledge your mistake. This will show the other driver that you’re mature and willing to bury the hatchet rather than escalate things further. Also, if the other driver is frustrated by what happened, it will likely calm them down knowing that you’re taking responsibility for your actions.

Listen to Music – Nothing reduces stress and makes a car ride smoother than listening to some of your favorite tunes. If you get into a sticky situation with a nasty driver while listening to some good music; it should help control your emotions and distract you from their crazy antics.

Avoid Angering Others Further – There are certain things you can avoid doing that will prevent aggravating drivers even further. Don’t honk your horn excessively or make eye contact with an angry driver. This can lead to them doing something drastic, which can lead to either you getting road rage or heightening the tension even further.

Adjust Your Driving – If someone is continuously honking at you, simply remain calm and figure out what it is that you need to adjust. This can be related to speed, swerving into a lane or how you’re braking. If you feel that you’ve adjusted and they continue to honk at you then steer away from their car and let them pass.

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