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Considered being an Uber Driver? Consider This.

More and more car owners are looking to their vehicles as sources of potential income. The family SUV is no longer just a caravan full of kiddos and their mess, and it does way more than deliver pizzas.

Car-sharing services have made it possible to turn the family car into additional family income! Or maybe you’re considering being an Uber or Lyft driver? If you don’t drive your car every day or have some free nights and weekends, this can be a fairly simple way to earn a little extra cash.

However, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind regarding car sharing and auto insurance. Using your vehicle in this way can greatly affect your coverage.

First, your policy may not cover your vehicle while it is being driven by other people under a car-sharing agreement. Your carrier doesn’t have any information about the person that is driving your car or their driving history so the coverage may not extend to them. If someone is in an accident or your car is stolen while he or she is using it, you may not have coverage.

Second, you are making money with this arrangement. This puts your vehicle use into a business category, rather than personal. Again, this might negate coverage from your personal policy. Due to these circumstances, car-sharing services typically offer their own auto insurance. When driving with Uber, there are certain coverages that they offer in addition to your own auto policy. Click here for Uber driver insurance details and here for Lyft details.

Using your vehicle to make a little extra money is not a bad thing, just remember your insurance agent needs to be notified if there are changes of use for your vehicle. If you’re considering becoming a Lyft or Uber driver, first consult with your insurance provider. Someone there can advise you about your coverage and help you determine if this is a viable option for the use of your vehicle. Find a local agent here.

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