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Money Saving Car Insurance Hacks This Easter

Do you like to save money? Of course, you do, we all do! Life is a series of cycling expenses that tend to drain our pocketbooks. Sure, you may catch a savings deal here or there, but normally we don’t get breaks like that when it comes to paying bills – including car insurance. Paying for car insurance is a very frustrating monthly task, but it’s something every driver must manage. It also doesn’t help when holidays such as Easter roll around, which means setting aside some extra money to add on to these mounting monthly expenses. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to save a little extra change on your auto insurance payments. Here are some Egg-cellent hacks to help you save on insurance just in time for Easter.

  1. There are a lot of different ways you can enhance your car’s security and safety features that can help lower your rates in the long run. By investing in certain features, you can lower the risk of break in’s or damaging your car in an accident. For instance, if you drive a smaller car that thrives on safety or a car with added safety features like extra airbags or an anti-theft system, you can find a lower insurance premium. Some other features you can consider acquiring include, Anti-lock brakes, tracking devices, car alarms and safety protection shields in case of side impact. These additional features can certainly boost your car’s safety, but there are also some common-sense practices that you can adapt to help protect your vehicle.

  2. Make sure that you’re a smart and safe driver by not speeding, avoiding tickets, staying alert and always keeping an eye out for dangerous situations. By avoiding moving violations and accidents you can automatically save on your policy. Safe drivers cost insurance company less and they pass those savings directly onto their customers.

  3. Take a second to examine your current car that you’re insuring. Do you own an older car that isn’t worth much? If so, make sure you’re not overpaying for comprehensive coverage on a car that isn’t worth the price to replace it. If you have an extra old vehicle just sitting around in your driveway or one that you rarely drive, you can pay for a liability only insurance policy and save a lot of money.

  4. Bundling your policies together is another surefire way to lower your car insurance premium. If you own more than one car or live in a home that also needs coverage, it’s easier and cheaper to insure all of these policies together. Here at Al Boenker Insurance, we offer great discounts if you bundle your polices. If we’ve got your car covered, think about us helping you find coverage for your home and discover a plethora of great discounts!

  5. Increasing your deductible. However, this method involves significant risk and can turn around to bite you. Accidents or theft can happen in the blink of an eye at any moment, so make sure that you have some extra money tucked away in such case that you need to file a claim. If you’re financially prepared to take this route, you can end up saving a ton of money on your premium by increasing your deductible.

  6. Defensive Driving. Seriously, insurance customers who have taken a defensive driving or drivers education course can qualify for extra discounts on their policy and are smiled upon by insurance companies for taking safe driving seriously. If you inform your insurance company that you’ve completed these courses it can open the door to an abundance of savings opportunities.

With the Easter holiday just around the corner, make sure that all of your insurance needs are up-to-date. Give us a call to have an agent review your policy to confirm that your auto insurance has the right amount of coverage for your family and your needs. We can also ensure that you are getting the best rate for your policy. You might even qualify for additional discounts, especially if you have your home insured through us!

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