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Summer Home Cleaning Tips

Summer is just around the corner! Soon we will have warmer weather – which means more outdoor parties, BBQ’s and your kids hosting sleepovers. We’re willing to bet your house endured some punishment throughout the past couple of rainy months. Thankfully, we’re here to share some helpful Summer Home Cleaning tips, so that you can usher in the beautiful weather with a beautiful home.


  1. Before you start on this endeavor, sanitize your sponges by placing them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

  2. You can efficiently clean your refrigerator by scrubbing with a combination of salt and soda water.

  3. Vinegar and dish soap are great for cleaning dirty glassware as well as various other appliances.

  4. To easily clean your oven, simply sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the oven floor and side surfaces. Then fill a squirt bottle with vinegar and spray the baking soda covered areas. Scrub and let sit for 10-20 minutes for a sparkling finish.


  1. Clean your dirty faucets by rubbing with lemon juice and rinsing with warm water.

  2. To clean your tub, simply mix vinegar and dish soap and apply to the stained, dirty areas. Also, use bleach on cotton balls or an old toothbrush to clean the grime buildup in your shower or tub.


  1. You can clean carpet stains by spraying Windex and ironing the area on top of a white towel. Repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

  2. Wrap a towel sprayed with 409 around a butter knife to clean the cracks of your air vents.

  3. To clean your mattress, get a box of baking soda and a bottle of your favorite essence oil. Add 10-15 drops of the oil into the baking soda and sprinkle the entire box onto your mattress. Wait about an hour and then vacuum the baking soda for amazing results!

Living Room

  1. Clean the windows by spraying with Windex and wiping with a paper towel, then try buffing with wadded up newspaper.

  2. Use vinegar and an old sock to wipe down your blinds.

  3. Clean ceiling fan blades with a coat of furniture polish.

  4. You can remove stains from a microfiber couch by scrubbing with rubbing alcohol, which should be applied by a spray bottle and cleaned with a sponge.

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