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Top 5 Texas BBQ Restaurants

Fire up your smoker & grills! Cause June marks the dawn of summer and it just so happens to be National Barbecue Month! And if there’s one thing the great state of Texas is known for, it’s that we make some mean, mouth-watering Barbeque. People from all over the world flock to Texas to experience the bountiful bbq and become instantly addicted. It’s almost a right of passage to tourists and Texans alike. In fact, Texas Barbecue is so magnificent; we decided to take you on a little Texas BBQ Road Trip to the top 5 BBQ joints in the Lone Star State.

Franklin’s, Austin, TX – Customers have been known to wait in line for up to 5 hours to get a taste of this immaculate barbecue. Heck, even Kanye West was told to get in the back of the line when he visited this historic establishment. Franklin’s has set the bar for smoked excellence that is recognized worldwide. Their brisket meat is too good for words to describe. Just do yourself a favor and make a pit stop here next time you’re in Austin. It’ll be well worth the wait!

Pecan Lodge, Dallas, TX – This North Texas joint came to the party a little late, but they have already made a huge splash. Pecan Lodge features juicy peppered pork ribs that fall right off the bone, jalapeno sausage links that give off a bold mesquite flavor and rich smoky brisket that is grilled to perfection.

La Barbecue, Austin, TX – Austin is known for it’s food trucks and this barbeque pit is by far it’s greatest meal on wheels. La Barbecue serves expertly smoked meats that are both rich and spicy. Their brisket falls apart on your butcher paper and contains an explosion of flavor that will knock your taste buds right out of the park.

Blacks, Lockhart, TX – Lockhart is a small south Texas town with a population of roughly 13,000 people. However, in the heart of this pint-sized community lies a smoky Texas treasure. Blacks BBQ packs a powerful flavor punch in its brisket and they carry some of the biggest beef short ribs on the market. Their signature handmade sausage is blended with spices and they’re fully cooked to perfection over Central Texas post oak.

Louie Mueller, Taylor, TX – This smokehouse is known for it’s massive beef rib, which comes apart effortlessly and packs a whirlwind of rich, juicy, peppered flavor. Their smoked brisket is also rendered to perfection, which results in the perfect amount of tender goodness.

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Enjoy the drive and that delicious Texas BBQ!

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