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Why an Independent Insurance Agent?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an independent insurance agent and a standard broker?

  1. Independent Agents Shop Multiple Carriers- Independent agents are able to shop multiple insurance carriers with one application. Agencies carry contracts with multiple insurance companies and can compare several quotes instantaneously. This is a huge advantage for you, eliminating the need to submit multiple applications to different carriers to find the best and cheapest option.

  2. Independent Agents Save Time & Money- With more choices comes a variety of coverage options and price points, saving you time and money.  Agents do the shopping and you do the saving.

  3. Independent Agents are Licensed Professionals- Agents offer their experience, expert knowledge, and guidance when it comes to selecting the right policy. They are able to explain the complex insurance world to you and make sure you understand all aspects of your policy. When independents set up your policy, they are doing all the research for you- eliminating errors and ensuring your insurance needs are met. According to U.S. Insurance Shopping Study by J.D. Power, “Shoppers are increasingly reliant on agent recommendations when considering and quoting insurers.”1 Be certain that your home and auto are properly covered.

  4. Independent Agents are Your Neighbor- most agencies are locally owned and community driven. They are your neighbor, belong to community organizations, have children on the same little league team, and attend the same church. Your coverage is their priority.

  5. Independent Agents are Your Advocate- they offer their help and support when it comes time to actually use your insurance. Dealing with a claim can be a mess. Your independent agents assist you and ensure you are taken care of by the insurance company. When accidents happen, your agent is there.

Give your local insurance agency and call and let them find you the most affordable insurance plan.They’ll compare your current carrier and save you money.

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