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How to change a tire in 5-easy steps.

We’ve all had a situation where you are driving to get somewhere and all of a sudden you feel something is off with your vehicle, the tire pressure warning light appears on our dashboard and you realize YOU HAVE A FLAT TIRE!

You pull over and sure enough, it’s true. If only you knew how to change it rather than having to wait for someone to help you out… Well, we got you covered! Just follow these 5-easy steps and you will be on your way in no time.

1. Locate your spare tire and jack.

These are the tools that you will need, they are usually located in the trunk of the vehicle. On the car jack, you will find the lug wrench that you will use to loosen and remove the hubcap of the damaged tire.

2. After removing the hubcap, loosen the lug nuts with the lug wrench.

This is necessary before you use the car jack to lift the wheel, but do not remove them completely. With a counter-clockwise motion, loosen them up, and if you are having trouble use your knee or foot to gain additional leverage.Use the car jack to lift the wheel of the ground.

3. Use the car jack to lift the wheel of the ground.

In your car manual, you will find all the information relating to where the right place to position the car jack is. It usually indicates to place the jack under a strong part of your vehicle’s frame. Turn the handle of the jack in a clockwise motion until the wheel is several inches off the ground.

4. Remove the lug nuts that you had previously loosened.

Once removed, place them in a secure location, making sure you don’t lose them. Carefully remove the tire, and place it on a place away from the road. Line up the replacement tire with the holes of the bolts and place the lug nuts by hand and tighten them with the wench.

5. Finally, lower the vehicle by turning the handle of the jack in a counter-clockwise motion.

Once the wheel is on the ground level, tighten the lug nuts once more with the wrench to make sure they are secure and it is safe to drive. Place the flat tire, the wrench, and the jack in the trunk of your vehicle. Depending on the tire damage, it may be able to be fixed at your local tire shop.

These are the steps that are essential for you to learn when you get a flat tire, we hope they have been helpful. If you do take that drive or road trip make sure you have everything you need. In addition, it might be time to review your policy and make sure it is up to date. Give us a call to help you out!

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