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Plan on camping? Do you know how to start a camping fire?

Camping is the perfect outdoor activity to say goodbye to the summer. And weather you are enjoying a nice cookout, some delicious s’mores or a chilly evening right next to the fire. There are some thing to keep in mind when starting one.

Check out these must-know tips when lighting a camp fire. They are necessary to know, to ensure safety is the number one priority.

Verify fire regulations at your campsite.

Most campground have safety rules, and some of them prohibit to build fires, or only in designated areas. Make sure that you verify them to know the site you are visiting and to learn if it safe to build one. Also, verify the season, there are times that the risk of wildfires is higher so there might be a temporary ban.

Pick a safe spot.

Some campgrounds have fire pits where you can build your fire. But when they don’t make sure to select an area where there aren’t trees or bushes right next to it. Also, far away from the tents and from debris that could easily catch fire. An open space is ideal to build your fire.

Building the fire.

Once you are ready to start your fire, start adding dry leaves and small branches to get it going. Once you get it going, add larger pieces of wood to maintain it. Always have water and a shovel nearby in case you need to control the size of the fire.

Always keep an eye on the fire.

Make sure that there is always someone by the fire. A small breeze could make the fire to spread very rapidy. So better to be aware of it at all times. Also if there are kids or pets in your party even more important to keep an eye on them and teach them to stay at a safe distance.

Extinguishing the fire.

Once you are done with the fire, pour water over it. Once it is completely out, move the area with a shovel and pour more water on it to make sure there aren’t any hidden burning embers. Make sure that everything is completely out and cold when you leave that area.

For more information regarding campground regulations contact local authorites.

By following these tips you will make your camping trip more pleasant and avoid any fire related hazards.

Learn more tips and tricks here.

Remember to stay safe.

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