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Tips on Road-Tripping with a Baby

Summer road trips are memories in the making. Traveling to visit family or driving down to the coast gives you all the summer vibes. However, trying to navigate a trip with a baby is not something everyone leaps for joy about. We are going to offer our best motherly advice on making a road trip a little smoother with a baby.

Be prepared for a longer trip than you originally thought

Don’t stress and drive yourself (and the whole car) crazy trying to drive all the way through. Break up your trip. Plan pit stops. Allow for breaks. Accepting the fact that you won’t get as far as you would alone, minimizes the stress for you and the whole crew.

If your child uses a pacifier, make sure you have spares or that it’s on a clip

Don’t be stuck driving on the highway with a screaming baby only to find the pacifier is stuck under the seat.

Plan meals and snacks

If you’re a breastfeeding mama, make sure to nurse before starting each leg of the drive. Keep a bag of pouches, dried snacks, puts and a few extra water bottles to refill the sippy cups. If your kiddos are picky eaters, prep & pack a few of their favorite lunches that are sure to ease the “I’m Hungry” cry. Can’t go wrong with some sandwiches.

Start driving after breakfast and end before dinner

Your crew will be much happier after a full belly. Ideally, the young ones will take their morning nap in the car seat and you’ll be off to a great start. Allowing you to drive a bit longer before taking a long lunch break. Then let the kiddos crawl, walk, or stretch, hopefully getting some energy out. Give everyone a break and eat outside the car. Tackle the next stretch when you’re ready and hopefully, you can get another nap out of them. Call it quits before dinner so that you can relax and eat and not worry about getting on the road again. If your crew plans to stay in Texas, then hopefully you arrive by dinner or make a quick stop for some R&R before letting the babes pass out for the night.

Travel with all the toys

Kids are notorious for dropping everything, especially while buckled in a car seat. Save yourself the stress and pack a giant bag full of toys and books. Keep it in the passenger seat if you can and pass them back when one kiddo is bored or fussy. We know all too well how short their attention span is. Keeping a revolving door of toys and books will help bring some sanity. For older kids, there are countless tips on Pinterest for car-friendly kid activities. Electronics help but you might regret asking to type something in or the fighting. Just depends how old your kiddos are.

Travel with an easy-to-use baby carrier

If you’re alone, you’re going to want a baby carrier that is quick to use. This makes bathroom breaks much easier because you can get them out quickly and use the restroom while wearing them. It’s not ideal, but it’s much easier than getting a stroller out each time you stop.

Stopping at restaurants with playgrounds

Depending on the age of your children, this is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. They can get some energy out while you eat in {slight} peace. Traveling with a baby can get awful at times but find those small victories.

Lastly, Play Some Toddler Music

If you’re up for it, then bust out the toddler jams. The littles stay engaged and genuinely are in a better mood. Opt-in for that or some classical to give you some serenity.

With a few tips and a whole lot of patience road-tripping with a baby doesn’t have to be a scene from a horror movie. But if up against the odds just take it in stride and know you’ll get there eventually. Take a second to enjoy the scenery and remember these are memories in the making. Happy Summer!

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