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6 Money Saving Tips for 2019

2019 is in full swing! Resolutions may have already been put to the side and motivation may already be out the door. But there is one thing that we can’t escape, money! Regardless if the funds are plentiful or scarce, the lingering thoughts of financial security are evident. With tax season approaching you may be analyzing all that was spent in 2018 and already losing a grasp on 2019. Let 2019 be the year you take some control of your finances and use out 6 Tips to Save in 2019!

#1 Look at Your Funds as Time

Crazy concept for sure but take a look back. Let’s say you make $15 an hour, think in terms of time. Would that sweater be worth two hours of my time? Or a night out might equal $50 bucks easily- that’s almost four hours of work spent on one evening. Considering money in terms of time can help you determine if it’s worth it to you. Now we all know we work to play but sometimes sitting out can be just as fun! Gather around the living room and play that old board game. Never know what you might get into.

#2 Establish Monthly Saving Plans

So, have you considered “Eat at Home- November”? or “No Manicure May”? Set monthly goals for your family and see how much you could save! You don’t realize the amount money that goes out until you cut back.

#3 Download a Budget App

Budgeting apps help you take control of your budget and expenses. Apps such as Clarity Money are there to partner with you along your financial journey. They help you make smarter decisions about your budgeting and spending. Apps give you instant feedback right in the palm of your hand. Clarity Money & Mint can help you save money, plan your budget, track your expenses and spending, keep tabs on your credit scare and manage all your financial accounts in one easy place. Download an app and see how you might be able to manage your finances next month.

#4 The Good o’l Cash Savings Plan

This trick is one that we all can do. Each paycheck set back $10. Hide it, store it, stash it, or shove it in a bottle. Don’t touch it until next year. If you put back $10 every week- that’s a little over $520 at the end of the year! That’s some easy saving with a whole lot of discipline. It sounds so easy, but can you do it?

#5 Be Open About Your Budget Goals

If you are that one friend that always encourages the other to go out to eat, it might be time to step back and analyze your friendship 😉 When your couple friends tell you they are planning to budget this month for XYZ, you can be a better friend. Encourage them to come over for dinner. Ask them to hang out in the backyard instead of the bowling alley. You might not have planned on it, but with them being open about their goals- you could be saving too! Win, win!

#6 Call Your Insurance Agent!

Now this one might not be a no brainer, but it should definitely be first on the list! When was the last time you shopped your insurance? Did you know your local independent agent can shop several A+ companies finding you the best rate for the coverage that fits your needs? On average you could be saving from $400- $600 a year when you shop your auto insurance. Don’t worry about doing all the leg work, leave it to the professionals. Give them your info ONE time and they do the shopping for you. Find an Alinsco agent here. This could be the saving tip you could be looking for!

Ready, Get Set, Go! 2019 is here! How do you plan on saving?

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